Implanting the Confidence to Play Music


Our StarSeed steel tongue drums attract people who are new to music, as well as professionals who want to add a new dimension to their existing work. In addition to using the StarSeeds as musical instruments, many people find that playing the steel tongue drums promotes a feeling of peace which aids meditation. You can choose from a variety of tunings, sizes and designs. For inspiration selecting a tuning, then please click here for descriptions. To receive our current prices and to place your order, please email


TerraTonz StarSeed steel tongue drums may be considered distant relatives of African wooden tongue drums and the Swiss Hang. American Dennis Havlena developed the first steel tongue drums from propane tanks and dubbed them Hank Drums in 2007. TerraTonz began its exploration of steel tongue drums in 2011. We originally called the instruments TerraTonguez but resonated more deeply with the name StarSeeds as we evolved our design and philosophy. To view the evolution of our steel tongue drums, please explore our gallery.